Wellness Centre

Complete offer of the Wellness centre.

Current special offer of our wellness center.


Swimming pool

The 6 x 12 m size of the pool makes it big enough for lane swimming and, thanks to its depth of 1.5 m, it is safe enough for swimming with children. Standard water temperature is 27-28°C.

There are swimming aids for children available by the swimming pool, and there are also various attractions to be enjoyed – counterflow swimming, whirlpools and massage jets. From the terrace you will have lovely views, and the relax zone is peaceful and calming. 

Open daily from 7 am to 12 am, and from 2 pm to 9:30 pm.


A hydro massage whirlpool forms a part of the swimming pool complex. The very pleasant 34°C temperature of the whirlpool will ease any muscle pain you might have and help you relax, and it is also a wonderful way to relax after a hard days´ work.

Sauna world

The sauna world offers a classical Finnish sauna, infra sauna (up to 60°C) and Roman steam baths. These are combined procedures based on overheating and subsequent cooling of organisms. The result is body detoxification and strenghthening immunity. To make the sauna even more beneficial, we use natural aroma oils that have very curative effects on human organisms. Lovely spring water, which is always available to drink, nice music, outdoor cooling pool and relax rooms will let you really enjoy the sauna. Highly recommended for all age groups. (Reservation needed, phone: +420 499 629 438 or e-mail: wellness.chsm@clarion-hotels.cz)

Open daily from 2 pm to 9,30 pm.


Our team of professional masseurs will be glad to advice and give you the best massage for you. We put great emphasis on developing all of the senses whilst having a massage. Therefore, there is always relaxing music, natural essential oils, small refreshments, drinks and pleasant surroundings to enjoy. We only use fine pure natural essential  and vegetable oils. Therefore, we can guarantee a first class quality massage with no allergic reactions or skin irritations. We endeavour to make the massage as effective as possible to reflect our guests´ requirements and to make the massage an extraordinary experience. We believe that our offered massages can satisfy even the most demanding clientele.

We offer the following massages:

  • traditional sports – relaxing massages
  • aroma massage
  • Hawaii massage
  • reflexive therapy
  • lava stone massage
  • chocolate massage
  • honey massage
  • bamboo massage
  • head massage
  • massage with hot seashells
  • whole body sugar beet peeling
  • rose ritual for women
  • cedar and santal ritual for men
  • massages for children

At the same time we provide felicitous combination of procedures. Our exotic and relaxing ritual can give you luxury wellness experience.

Warming procedures

Peat wrap and infrasauna. The healing effect of heat is generally known. Heat is a part of all the procedures and is also used to prepare clients for the actual procedures, in particular for a massage. What´s more, peat has superb relaxing and detoxifying effects.

Hydro massage hot tub

There are 25 available programmes focused on overall regeneration. The temperature of the water and the wide range of programmes is bound to satisfy all clients, and this procedure is recommended for overall relaxation, aching limbs and psychological well-being. It is also a suitable procedure for relaxing muscles before having a massage. We also offer baths with Dead Sea salts or aroma salts. We can offer you a honey-milk or peat bath.


(seasonal operation)


Cryo chamber is in operation from the middle of December till end of March and from July till August.


Polarium – this cold therapy is a healing and regeneration method using extremely low temperatures -110°C to -160°C. A special cryogenic chamber has been constructed for this therapy. The extremely low temperatures of the polarium affect the cold receptors in the skin.  As a result, the blood vessels and lymphatic system are extended in an extremely short period of time.  The metabolism is speeded up. The blood and oxygen supply and cell nutrition increase fourfold.  This raises the production of enzymes and hormones that increase our physical and psychological resistance (among others endorphins, dopamine, serotonin – the hormones of well-being and happiness).  The polarium quickens anti-inflammatory and healing processes. The activity of bodily organs, that get rid of toxic substances in our bodies, is also intensified.  Nerve receptors lower our response to pain and the body stops perceiving pain for a certain period of time. Degenerative and aging processes are decreased and fat cells start dying away.

Cryo and regeneration
The cold therapy increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients into all tissues, including nerves and the brain.  Aging and degenerative processes are slowed down (in particular the degeneration of stroma – the polarium has a cosmetic effect, improves the skin condition if suffering from eczema or psoriasis). The extreme cold results in a radical increase of hormones silencing anti-inflammatory reactions, in relaxing stiff muscles after extreme exercise and even long-term pain will disappear for several hours, including back and musculoskeletal system pain.  As fat cells cool down, so starts the process of their self-destruction and dying away. Metabolic processes are normalised (indications for overweight and obese patients, cellulite checks), the feeling of tiredness is delayed, and regeneration after stress, both psychological and physical, is much quicker.

Cryo and musculoskeletal system disorders
Cryo chambers were first used to treat these disorders, in particular to supress pain and chronic inflammation of rheumatic joints and degenerative changes of joints, joint capsules, muscles and tendons. Studies have shown that this therapy improves the functionality of joints, decreases pain, improves mobility and therefore improves well-being.

Cryo and sport
Nowadays, cryogenic chambers form an inseparable part of the rehabilitation process for top athletes who use this treatment for the regeneration of muscles and joints after vigorous exercise. It is recommended to not only treat musculoskeletal system pain, but also for speedy regeneration after sporting performance, to increase the performance, to treat joint swelling after heavy stress loads, and torn tendons and muscles.