Relax packages

Some relaxation packages you can find in our special offer under the stay packages. Or you can choose one of our below listed relaxation and exotic rituals.

Relaxating Rituals

Excellent prevention for physical and mental health. Providing rest and harmonisation. The preparations user are exclusively or natural origin.

Healing essences

The ritual alleviates breathing difficulties of different kinds, also suitable against mental exhaustion.

  • saline whirlpool with natural extracts of eucalyptus and Siberian fir
  • massage of the back and the thorax with eucalyptus and Siberian fir
  • thorax wrap with balm containing extracts of eucalyptus and fir

Cinnamon and ginger

Shapes selected body parts. Preparations with essential oils support blood circulation and improve cell mentabolism. Toxins are washed out, weight loss is supported, body is built and cellulite is alleviated

  • massage of problematic body parts with massaging oil containing cinnamon and ginger
  • cinnamon and ginger wrap
  • complexion treatment with calming preparation


An experience most suitable for women. Rose oil belongs to the rarest, acts againts anxiety and depression, harmonises emotions and hearth activity.

  • saline rose whirlpool
  • massage with rose oil
  • fore oil wrap
  • face massage with rose oil (can be excluded)

Cedar and sandal - for males

healing effects of rare trees strengthens will and resistance againts external stresses, calms down, fights insomnia, tension and depression.

  • whirlpool with sea salt addition
  • massege with cedar and sandal oil

Exotic Rituals

This luxury treatment revitalises the body, the mind and especially the skin. Heat and positive energy transffered by special touches removes muscle blocks and pain. You will experience virgin bio oils of coconut, dilum, macadamium and other extracts from tine nuts, trees and flowers. Like the massages also all rituals must be booked in advance.


Effects of heated seasshells stimulating blood circulation and the lymphatic system. Specially recommended to women.

  • peeling with microscopic crystals of sugar beet
  • massaging with coconut oil and hot mussels
  • coconut butter wrap


ritual massage with hot and cold seashells ended with oil wrap. For really in depth relaxation, ideal for males and females alike.

  • regenerating massage with seasshells
  • hydratation with coconut butter

Sugar beet peeeling

removes necrocit cells and cleans pores. The result is shining complexion - deeply hydrated and provided with nutrition.

  • peeling with miniature crystals of sugar beet
  • treatment with coconut oil