Fitness & Sport


Exercise helps to establish a harmony between the body and the soul, improves our strength, body posture and flexibility. Based on your predispositions, exercise can help you to keep a peaceful and concentrated mind, and establish the feeling of holistic being and the feeling of satisfaction.  Exercise is superb for lowering your everyday stress and imbalance.

There are many sport possibilities directly in our hotel:

  • swimming pool
  • fitness
  • cardio zone
  • billiard

You can borrow:

  • nordic walking poles
  • mountain bikes
  • scooters
  • ski and snow boards
  • sled

Hiking tours

Throughout the year, we are able to ensure the guide - available on request at the reception. Each trip can amend to your requirements, wishes and needs.

You can take a trip to Spindleruv Mlyn, where you can find bobsled and monkey park rope climbing centre. You can take hiking trip to the spring of Labe or to the top of Sněžka (the highest hill in the Czech Republic). And if you like mountain biking, ther are many routes. Our reception can help you with planning.